Maintain your routine and overall wellness with online workouts by South Boston’s neighborhood gyms. Fitness is important now more than ever. Start off your day with yoga and meditation by Corepower Yoga or end your day with livestream HIIT by btone Fitness! Blow off steam, maintain sanity and stay well – below is a list of everything you need to stay home and stay fit!

Corepower Yoga

Whether you are craving a five minute meditative yoga flow before your Morning Zoom call or a 60 minute Yoga Sculpt, Corepower Yoga is offering weekly classes for everyone. The classes vary in length and intensity. Best of all, these classes are free and prerecorded – work out on your time. Try out Corepower Yoga for free HERE.

btone Fitness

Neighbor to New Luxury Condos at The Mezz – btone Fitness is offering online classes from high intensity interval training to palates. btone Fitness is offering livestream classes every day – morning, afternoon, and night. Choose what works best for you; roll your pilates mat out on the living room floor and get ready to break a sweat! Signup for a livestream class at btone Fitness HERE.

Boston Athletic Club

Boston Athletic Club has a strong presence in the South Boston neighborhood, going on 47 years of workout programs and services and ideally located just down the street from The Mezz. The current state of the world will not stop Boston Athletic Club from helping the South Boston community. Boston Athletic Club is offering free virtual workouts; learn more HERE.

Do Something for Yourself

The neighborhood gyms in South Boston are here to help maintain your routine and overall wellness. Corepower, btone Fitness and Boston Athletic Club (to name a few) are offering access to online workouts and free livestream videos. Make time for yourself each day because working from home can blur the lines of the work week. Carve out time in your schedule – make your wellness, fitness, and health a priority. Dedicate an hour to yourself each day – Fitness classes by Corepower Yogabtone Fitness, and Boston Athletic Club are great places to start!

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